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Who we are

Primary Cloud provides organisations with the practical tools they need to work efficiently and intelligently, and to communicate with purpose.

We believe in taking the time to do things properly. We seek to fully understand your organisation’s strengths and challenges, before implementing a new system or technical solution.

Our goal is to provide you with access to cutting-edge cloud technology and digital business consultancy services, at a reasonable price.

Significantly, our tailored solutions are supported by comprehensive training to empower businesses, and the people within, to grow and prosper.

Paul Freiberg

Paul Freiberg is your Principal Consultant. With more than 15 years experience in digital infrastructure, and with extensive knowledge of Salesforce, he leads Primary Cloud’s operations and client services.

Share in the knowledge of an experienced data, communications and computer scientist. Paul’s innate ability to visualise the big picture makes him stand out from your traditional technology experts. He has a deep understanding of what makes organisations work and is able to articulate your requirements in language you will understand and appreciate.

As the founder of Primary Cloud, Paul wants to see the business flourish, but above all, he wants you to realise your potential.

Paul Grice

While Paul Freiberg has the roadmap and vision, Paul Grice has the unique ability to bring a concept into reality.

During his five years with Primary Cloud as leading integrator, developer and implementer, Paul has encountered a range of challenges across an array of systems and platforms – breaking each down logically to find the simplest and most effective solution.

Paul has an innate understanding of people and business, and a passion for innovation. He readily accepts challenges; striving each day to find a better way of doing.

Debbie Lunt

Debbie Lunt is a cloud solutions specialist, but also an incredibly perceptive and valuable manager. With 25+ years’ customer service experience, she’s self-driven with unsurpassable attention to detail. Debbie doesn’t get bored; she knows there’s always something to learn in the digital realm. The cloud’s the limit to her quest for knowledge!

Debbie’s soft skills are a welcome addition to Primary Cloud. She’s an insightful and perceptive communicator. You will benefit from her practical and level-headed guidance.

Most significantly, Debbie’s resourceful. She makes the most of what you have, to develop solutions that help your business succeed and operate efficiently.

Ray Simpson

Ray Simpson is on-the-ground ensuring Primary Cloud’s daily operations. He’s systems-minded and gathers data and research to drive Primary Cloud and your business to higher ground.

Ray loves learning about new and little-understood technological concepts. He’s nothing if not inquisitive, creative, cooperative and innovative. Ray is Primary Cloud’s support base and continues to discover how technology can drive business productivity. He supports the team so that we can support you.