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Customised Cloud Solutions

Everyone talks about how good the cloud is and that you can access it from everywhere but what does that actually mean?

Being stored “In the cloud” means that you can leverage multi-tenanted highly robust hardware and software instead of traditional server per site model.

Instead of making expensive capital expenditure, once configured, you pay a monthly fee and have access to unlimited storage for files and backups as well as all kinds of software.  This means no maintenance of servers, software licenses or servers as this is all covered in your monthly fee.  Scale up or down as you need and pay only for what you use. Great if you need to take on extra employees to complete projects on a short term basis or to increase as your business grows.

Office 365 Migration and customisation

Being able to use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel and more (depending on subscription chosen) without needing to have all of these programs installed on your desktop and being able to access these files from your tablet and smart phone as well.

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Offsite backup

Maintain up to date off site backups. This will protect your all you most important data from events such as most of the robbery, fire or floods. This mean having access to all of your files/data (Via internet connection) in the event of your office being destroyed. Further, it is located above the Brisbane flood levels and is able to survive a few days without electricity and without losing any downtime due to having dual power. We also require a palm print in order to get into the Data Centre. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or overcommitted overseas hosting providers. Choose a data centre located in Australia.

Disaster Recovery

Have some or all your mission critical systems available in the event of a site or other disaster. As your data has been stored securely by Primary Cloud’s state of the art datacentre facilities, it will available for you within hours (under most Circumstances) should an event take place where your IT equipment is damaged and/or out of action. Everyone in your business whether in the work place or onsite with a client having the ability to have live access and share files from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Managed Cloud Servers

Virtual Servers – Run your business within a local server. Primary Cloud uses a range of methods to secure your data, including the multi award winning Veeam software to protect your virtual machines. We can cover from small backup plans to emergency full IT infrastructure failover projects.

How we Protect your Business Information:

  • Secured datacentre access through Biometric readers and cabinet key access.
  • 24 x 7 access to datacentre.
  • 24 x7 Network Operations staff at datacentre.
  • 99.9% SLA Guarantee on data, power, air conditioning.
  • Carrier neutral datacentre.
  • 3 months of CCTV surveillance stored, constantly monitored by 8 x 32 inch plasma screens in NOC.
  • Support on call 24×7 (for system outages within SLA).
  • Datacentre located well above the Q100 flood levels..
  • Leave the hardware to us – We will take care of support leaving you to support core system functions.
  • We own and manage our infrastructure at all levels, from physical switching to visualisation and application layers.
  • 48 hour redundant diesel backup generators.
  • We use high quality, reliable HP switching and servers to ensure minimal risk to our customers.
  • Our infrastructure is redundant and monitored at all levels, including.

The important thing here is to choose a service provider that uses a data centre that is located in Australia and is a tier 3 level or above classification. Our datacentre is geographically separated Disaster recovery site, completely independent of Primary site network, power and ownership. Here at Primary Cloud we use redundant methods to keep your data safe.  This means:

  • Redundant power and data in all servers and storage layers.
  • Redundant network connections between infrastructure components.
  • Redundant Internet connections.
  • Redundant switching infrastructure.
  • Redundant switching infrastructure.

We have flexible backup abilities, from snapshot, to individual file capabilities.  We can tailor our backup regime to meet any legal requirements you may require.