Xero is your best friend


Australia’s accounting software of choice

Accounting can be tedious and time-consuming. Thankfully, cloud accounting software has taken the heaviest, clunkiest of business systems and given it wings.

Cloud accounting isn’t new. The early adopters have done the groundwork in finding the best providers. The providers have tweaked and refined their systems to new peaks of user accessibility.

In 2018, cloud accounting is tried and trusted by everyone from sole traders, to small business owners and corporate enterprises.  If your business finances aren’t yet in the cloud, you’re essentially walking around with leg weights, while your competitors are soaring with the lightness of air.

If you’re running an Australian business and want to lighten up on business pressure, we suggest using Xero. It has all the features you need at a great price. It’s also widely known and supported by Australian bookkeepers and accountants.


Xero to 100

Xero was founded in 2006 by our innovative Kiwi neighbours. The company now has 1800+ employees and well over one million subscribers. It can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Need to send an invoice while on holiday? No worries, you can send it from your phone while looking out over the beach.

Xero is always running the latest version. It’s safe – offering world-class security and frequent backups. You don’t need the cost or stress of managing this IT infrastructure.

Your team and advisors can access your file (with permission), so there’s no need to waste time running around town with hard drives and laptops to share data.


Why Should Xero be added to your suite of productivity tools

– Xero keeps your quotes and invoices together. You can even #tag items to easily find categories of information.

– With Xero, you can keep track of your customers. Xero acts as a simple customer relationship management tool for sole traders and small business. For larger business, it is easily integrated into your existing customer relationship management system.
– See a snapshot of your financial activities on the dashboard and use the more in-depth reporting tools to aid budgeting and planning.
– With Xero, you will be effortlessly ready for tax time. Not only will you be organised, but your accountant can easily access your files, and the system is set up to adhere to local tax rules.
– Xero integrates with payment gateways, CRM’s, POS (Shopify) and receipt management apps like Receipt Bank. To view the extensive list go to https://www.xero.com/au/marketplace/s/app-functions

Primary Cloud uses Xero for our business needs and provides services in setting up and integrating Xero with your current cloud software* and future Cloud software purchases*

*subject to compatibility

For more information on improving your business productivity go to www.primarycloud.com/services/business-productivity/