Anything but standard

A path to prosperity

It might seem like a dull path, but digital standardisation is anything but mundane. In fact, sticking to the standard is your first step towards optimisation and improvement. When your online tasks follow a determined pattern, and you use the same software versions and online platforms, it’s much easier to get through your day-to-day responsibilities, leaving time to focus on innovation and advancement.


But standardisation of IT processes and infrastructure has many more benefits than just increased efficiency. Sticking to the standard can save you money and keep your staff happy.


Aside from having the same version of software on your devices and compatible platforms that enable your systems to run smoothly, you can:

  • Develop a procedure for new employees.
  • Have your procedures online where everyone can access and read them.
  • Ensure your IT staff know what to do when someone no longer works for your organisation.
  • Establish a process that deals with passwords from ex-employees, so they are not able to access your data once they finish working for you.
  • Ensure someone in your organisation is responsible for procedures and workflows that extend to all areas of your business.
  • Establish relationships with consistent, trusted vendor(s) that you purchase hardware from and simplify the number of purchase options available to staff.
  • Develop a strategy for integration of your applications (and avoid a risky “there’s an App for that” approach at all costs!)


We formed Primary Cloud because we could see a need for standardisation as a basis for business growth. While there’s no doubt businesses grow without a strategy in place, they do so on shaky legs!

By standardising your IT infrastructure, you can:-

  • Simplify your digital footprint
  • Save money by reducing undeeded purchases
  • Lower the burden on your IT support staff and decrease the need for staff training in new systems
  • Increase the quality of workplace interactions
  • Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your business
  • Reduce downtime
  • Make time for innovation


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