There are four tier levels for Data Centres based on site infrastructure and availability as outlined by the Uptime Institute Date Centre Tier Classifications.

These range from the simplest Tier 1 up to exceptionally highly available and fault tolerant Tier 4.

Some of you probably think it may be “normal” to experience downtime periods often as this occurs in your workplace. As you can see from the descriptions above, the minimum requirement to keep your systems with the greatest uptime is Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Primary Cloud has a Tier 3 Data Centre that is located above the Brisbane flood levels. Our Data Centre is able to survive a few days without electricity and without losing any downtime due to having dual power. We also require a palm print in order to get into the Data Centre.

Here are some questions to ask your current Datacentre provider

  • Is your Datacentre manned 24 x 7? even on Christmas?
  • Do they have redundant power connections?
  • Do they have backup generators in the case of a total power failure?
  • Do they have a fire management system that is not damaging to your infrastructure?
  • Do they have multiple Internet feeds to prevent vendor ISP failure?
  • Is your Datacentre outside the Q100 limits? (not all were in the Brisbane floods)
  • Does security include biometric devices such as palm scanners?

Don’t be fooled. Check your Data Centre level and the price you are currently paying and then contact Primary Cloud to see if we can assist you with our State of the Art Data Centre on (07)3608 4158 or Contact Us